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User Deposits

Sr#. Username Account Amount At
1YPVTEN********373MYR 6,935.002019-01-22 03:10:24
2NBPIQY********335MYR 4,876.002019-01-22 16:09:51
3KGTRCA********196MYR 9,700.002019-01-22 02:10:29
4LMSPUD********784MYR 3,036.002019-01-22 19:11:05
5TVYDPW********807MYR 4,174.002019-01-22 01:03:22
6RTUPSB********442MYR 2,247.002019-01-22 21:12:51
7CDGXUM********873MYR 8,442.002019-01-22 21:03:59
8NICGIC********962MYR 3,306.002019-01-22 22:01:33
9XSJXOW********419MYR 1,785.002019-01-22 19:04:27
10CWNMWN********510MYR 2,815.002019-01-22 10:06:20

User Withdraws

Sr#. Username Account Amount At
1ZMDYRL********986MYR 4,787.002019-01-22 13:07:15
2QMODOI********550MYR 2,014.002019-01-22 14:16:30
3MQSLMC********881MYR 4,139.002019-01-22 06:12:56
4NZUGAJ********225MYR 1,501.002019-01-22 01:17:28
5NJNKQC********211MYR 6,216.002019-01-22 09:06:56
6SGTOGA********081MYR 5,140.002019-01-22 11:08:56
7DAEDXD********544MYR 3,706.002019-01-22 16:11:59
8RAMSWP********845MYR 4,262.002019-01-22 13:07:23
9VOZZQT********715MYR 9,835.002019-01-22 15:14:46
10PJKLKD********117MYR 4,911.002019-01-22 04:11:34

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Onegold888: Live Casino Malaysia

Onegold888 Malaysia the passionate live casino which takes you to the next level of online casino games. Online Casino is such a popular choice for players of all levels and experience, that we are constantly adding new casino games in a large variety to match your desires.

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The highlight of playing online Casino at Onegold888 Malaysia is, of course, the first-class professionalism and service from our elite live dealers. Well offered, responsive and enormously informed about their game, they are 100% at your service from the extremely instant you enter the table. You can have a chat with them by the online Live Chat function as they conscientiously answer using your Onegold888 username and of course a smirk! They are completely there for you and you convinced do feel it!

Get the entire Live Casino experience with Onegold888 Malaysia. The variety of tables incorporates different selections of each game type. Happy live casino experience!